Volunteering with the band

It takes a village of volunteers to run a program as great as ours!

Just as Fundraising has increased in importance, the participation of our volunteers has also increased in importance!  While our volunteers have always lurked quietly in the background, as we grow, the need for Band Boosters to step in and fill many roles has grown exponentially. 

The secret that we Booster volunteers maintain is……we have more fun than the average band parent!  And we have way more fun than the average band kid!!!  After all….we don’t have to wear bibs, we don’t have to march and we keep company with other band parents.  What could be better??? 

Please find below an offering of volunteer opportunities that we invite all Band Boosters to explore.  We encourage you to  find your niche, look out for volunteer sign up requests, or even reach out directly to offer your assistance during the coming season. 

Every volunteer in the CPC Band Booster Club must fill out the Volunteer Application EVERY school year.   Once you have received email clearance from CISD, please forward that email to the chaperone coordinator.

  • Band Olympics
  • Chaperones
  • Competition Meals
  • Gameday Meals
  • Pit Crew
  • Prop Crew
  • Required Merchandise
  • Social
  • Spirit
  • Uniforms
  • Water

Full of spirit? Know how to energize over 300 band students? Love to motivate and help build bonds? Energetic individuals are needed to help pull together this key fundraiser.

Band Olympics is normally held on a Saturday afternoon/evening in the middle of summer band camp. Band Olympics is a fun and friendly competition between band sections where they build friendships and teamwork through a Gatorade tribute to the directors, fun games, and an air band competition!  Incoming freshmen, this is a great opportunity to get to know your section better!  

The goal is to raise funds for the official College Park Activity Fund.  Donations and entries to this event are tax deductible.  (This fund is not associated with the CPC Band Boosters or Fair Share.   It goes towards daily band class incurred expenses and game travel).  

Students are encouraged to join in and enjoy the laughter, build teamwork, make new friends, and raise money for band through our annual Band Olympics Fundraiser! Winning Section enjoys the privileges of loading their instruments on the bus and getting in line for food first before games - A tremendous value! Parents - come and watch the fun! 


Ever reminisce about the good ‘ole days when you would ride “the yellow dog” to games and competitions?  Then this is your ticket (literally into games and some competitions, not to mention a free ride)!  Every time the band has to load up a bus and head off to an event, chaperones are required due to the large number of students.  We are responsible for watching over the safety of our students, make sure they eat, stay hydrated and making sure no one is left behind.  There are many opportunities available to be a chaperone.  

A useful list for chaperones to consider packing (mostly applicable to competitions - can leave on bus);

  • Hat/sunglasses/umbrella
  • Sunscreen/bug spray
  • Poncho
  • Snacks/drinks in small cool bag (it's worth purchasing the competition meals!)
  • small towel/facecloth in ziplock (it gets hot!)
  • blanket
  • pillow
  • spare shorts/shirt/pants/hoody
  • card games/book

Items for clear bag to take into venue;

  • Phone and battery charger
  • Notepad/pen
  • Wallet/keys
  • Tissues
  • Printed timetable


Volunteers help the Competition Meals Coordinator serve snacks and meals while at competitions, while the coordinator does all the planning ahead of time. Get to know other members of the board when proposing suitable options and setting up online ordering/payment.This is a rewarding role - with the long hours often involved at competitions, and the Texas heat to contend with, our band kids, Directors and volunteers are always HUNGRY and more than grateful for all your efforts! 


The Gameday Meal coordinator makes arrangements for all gameday meals for the season ahead of time and works with other members of the board to set up online ordering/payment. Volunteers are needed to help the Gameday Meal coordinator set up, organize and serve the pre-ordered meals on the day. 


The role of Pit Crew is pretty simple….put equipment it on the truck, take it off the truck, put it on the field, take it off the field, put it on the truck, take it off the truck, put it in the band hall, collapse……! The Pit Crew (with the aid of our students) is charged with the marching season transportation of instruments, equipment, props and guard flags.  The Pit Crew is the backbone of marching season transportation and is open to all band parents.   If you like early morning Starbucks and late evening backaches, we have a position for you in Pit Crew! 


The Prop Crew helps to design, build, and transport all the props that are required for our marching and competitive shows. 


This role liaises with the President and Band Directors, to determine and source clothing and merchandise we require each band member to purchase. You will work alongside the technology chair and communications chair to ensure these items are appropriately listed for purchase and communicated to families in a timely manner in the summer. 


Do you love to plan parties?  Throughout the year, we plan events for our students and their families.  Our first social event is usually the BBQ. Families are invited to come along and view the progress band has made during summer band camp and enjoy some time together at our annual BBQ Dinner. Our finale is normally the spring Band Banquet, where we celebrate the end of a hectic yet fulfilling year.  In between, we will plan a few fun activities for the students and will also provide hospitality for some of the UIL functions. Whether you can help with these organizing of the events ahead of time, or can assist on the day, volunteers are most welcome. 


The Spirit team needs your help!  We need volunteers for the following activities to help motivate our band kids!:    

  • Popsicle Tuesday  
    • We need several volunteers to hand out popsicles after practice each Tuesday during marching season. 
  • Locker Decoration  
    • Volunteers needed for one day only, to help decorate lockers for the band members. 
  • Ice Towels
    • Provide our hard working marchers with ice cold towels during practice in the Texas summer heat


If you want to be around a fresh and clean smelling band, join our washing committee.  Training and instruction will be provided to wash the uniforms after approximately every 2 wears.  We will need many volunteers to make it manageable work for everyone. 


This is the important responsibility of making sure our kids are safely hydrated as they work so hard in the (sometimes dangerous) Texas heat.  This is a big job that cannot be done by one person.  But if a few parents can volunteer to help at one or two events each, then it will be a minimal time commitment.  You can choose to help with one of the following: 

  • Fill 8-10 coolers with water & ice and wheel them to the truck (all supplies provided) 
  • Help the crew unload the coolers at the game/competition 
  • Remove coolers from field after half time and prep them for loading on to the truck 
  • Put the coolers away after the game when the truck gets back to school 

An experienced board member will be there every step of the way to make sure you know exactly what to do.