Student Leadership Team

Drum Majors: Mahi Patel, Chloe Garcia, Nick DeVault, Jack Crew, Joseph Estraca

Each year, students attend spring camps and audition for leadership positions for the following school year. Successful candidates receive further training before marching season begins.

  • A handful of Drum Majors will be selected to conduct the band at exactly the right time, and off the field, provide some direction to Section Leaders.
  • There will be a few Section Leaders for each instrument section. Section Leaders are responsible for various tasks within their section, such as signing other students off on music and advising and integrating new students. 
  • Student Leaders are also elected and act as secondary teachers to the rest of their section. 

Student leadership positions generally last for the duration of marching season, but of course, our students are there for each other year round. (Section parents are also available for support and advice the full school year). Note that bassoon players are placed with (and play) saxophones, clarinets or tubas during marching season. Oboe players are placed with (and play) clarinet in marching season.

We are proud of every member of our student leadership team who work incredibly hard at ensuring we can all be the best we can be!


Section Leader/Primary Teacher

Caroline Hammond, Cevanah Camera, Grace Pascarella, Julia Daniels, Sam Choi, Yashly Guevara

Student Leader/Secondary Teacher

Madelyn Wagner, Macy Roberts


Guard Captains

Julia Bratton, Jocelyn Cone, Shavonne williams

Family Leaders

Austin Gordon, Cianna Mancillas, Amelia Del Angel, Leann Perez, Abigail Tapia, Kayleigh Litterell


Section Leader/Primary Teacher

Jack Bridges, Sam Creighton

Student Leader/Secondary Teacher

Kevin Hutton


Section Leader/Primary Teacher

Abby Haacke, Alena Tas, Lei Saures, Luisa Paez, Sonia Goel, Sarah Taylor

Student Leader/Secondary Teacher

Julia Hutton, Matthew Lansangan


Section Leader/Primary Teacher

Ethan Williams, Matthew Fife

Student Leader/Secondary Teacher

Saket Mudaliar, Skylar Schenck


Percussion Captain

Vishnu Murthy

Snare Captain

Elvis Matthews

Tenor Captain

Rebecca Lee

Bass Captain

Maggie Hruska

Pit Captains

Jomi Olufemi, Brady Talley


Section Leader/Primary Teacher

Katie Cagney, Kendall Higgins, LeAna Simpson, Sydney Rogers

Student Leader/Secondary Teacher

Andres Vera, Christian Puente


Section Leader/Primary Teacher

Ana Krayer, Jonathan Peake, Matthew Spinks, Sara Hensley, Sarah Pickle, Zachary Fraley

Student Leader/Secondary Teacher

Jonah Perry, Sohi Patel


Section Leader/Primary Teacher

Alex Bass-Hill, Cale King, Gavin Palmer, Maddie Cunningham, Thomas Gault, Evan Roberts

Student Leader/Secondary Teacher

Jackson Lord, Noah Wilkins


Section Leader/Primary Teacher

Cody Hines, Maddy Welch

Student Leader/Secondary Teacher

Ellie Ferrar


Sarah Hensley

Noah Wilkins

Jack Bridges

Gavin Palmer-Ruiz