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Accessing your CPC Band Office 365 account (inc mailbox)

It is essential that all board members remain in close contact and monitor their mailbox regularly. Instructions on how to do this on computer, Apple device and android device are linked below.

  1. Contact webmaster for password reset
  2. You will get a one time use password that will have to be changed
  3. Go to Outlook on Office 365 and enter the credentials provided. (You should have access to all of the applications of office 365 including Excel, Powerpoint, one drive, etc).

Band App

Please refer to instructions on the “Get Connected” page concerning listing a role and notifications as well as adding a profile picture. It would be extremely useful if you would list your board position – not only does that help new board members within our Board Band App group, it would also help parents if you happen to comment in other groups too. (You have to edit this in settings in each group).


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The purpose of this website is to be a single hub of information to support students, Directors, band families and the board, as well as appeal to students considering joining us, and gain support from fundraiser supporters/sponsors. If you would like to add/edit content, submit photos to include, or propose a new idea, please do! This is OUR website and we are collectively responsible for maintaining content. 

In addition, if you have any questions about your Office 365 account/email or Band App, please email the Website Coordinator.